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The Wharton Comedies
The Wharton Comedies

The Wharton One-Acts

Roman Fever and TheFullness of Life

Adapted by Dennis Krausnick


Featuring David Joseph, Corrina May, and Diane Prusha


“ sharp cut as a diamond and as hard of surface.”

—New York Review of Books


Edith Wharton’s sublime wit shines through in these twodelightful one -act comedies, complete with her delectable signature twist. InRoman Fever, Grace and Alida reminisce above the Colosseum, having known eachother so well for their entire lives, or so they think. The Fullness of Lifeunveils in charming fashion that the afterlife, while enchanting, may not beall that it’s cracked up to be. Tea and levity shall be served.

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