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The God of Carnage
The God of Carnage

God of Carnage

By Yasmina Reza

Translated by Christopher Hampton


Featuring Elizabeth Aspenlieder, Allyn Burrows, and JonathanCroy


“Never underestimate the pleasure of watching really goodactors behaving terribly...”

—The New York Times


This Tony and Olivier Award-winning New York smash hit bythe author of ART, takes you on a 90-minute thrill ride into the most dangerousplace on earth: parenthood. Two sets of parents meet for the first time tosettle their sons’ nasty schoolyard tangle. Tensions quickly emerge around thebest way to raise a child. The meeting progresses, the liquor flows, and thegloves come off in this viciously funny comedy of bad manners.


Generously sponsoredby Deborah and Bill Ryan.

Box Office: 413-637-3353
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